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International IT workspace consultant (client/server software, hardware, and networking) in transversal project management and change management, I have over 20 years of technical, on-the-job experience related to its architecture, environment and infrastructure (whether physical, virtual or mixed).

This organizational, functional, and technical experience, proven over the course of many international projects both in France and abroad, allows me to manage very effectively the various issues related to the implementation of new solutions offering a greater information mobility, in response to needs and expectations which are in perpetual evolution.

Ideal function:
International IT workspace and change manager on continental Europe area (EU, Eastern and Northern Europe).
Implement and coordinate, end to end, actions related to the life of the workstation, its evolutions towards mobility partial or complete information in private or hybrid cloud, integration all adequate services taking into account the needs and local expectations identified on-site locally and fly the conduit of change internationally.
Implement and coordinate, end to end, all actions related at the life of the IT workspace and all its environment, its evolutions towards partial or complete mobility of information in private or hybrid cloud, integration all adequate services taking into account the needs and local expectations identified on-site locally and managed the international change management .


November 2004
November 2004

CEGOS / La Défense

November 2004 - November 2004

- SharePoint Services and Portal Server
- Microsoft Office System
- Microsoft Office System / InfoPath Programming
Area of specialisation: Workplace Solutions Expert

September 2003
December 2003

Transfert 78 / Versailles

September 2003 - December 2003

English for use in daily life and business
Area of specialisation: Business English

November 2001
November 2001

MAGIC Software Enterprises France / Courbevoie

November 2001 - November 2001

Migrating Magic v8.30 applications to Magic v9.30
Area of specialisation: New Magic v9.30 Programming Interface

October 2001
October 2001

MAGIC Software Enterprises France / Courbevoie

October 2001 - October 2001

Application programming with Magic v9.30 in a Web environment
Area of specialisation: Application programming with Magic v9.30 language and Web interface

July 1998
July 1998

Groupe Diaz Informatique / Paris

July 1998 - July 1998

Deployment and Administration of Microsoft Office 2000 on Windows 2000 Server
Area of specialisation: Office Automation Deployment and Administration

February 1998
February 1998

CEGOS (ib) / La Défense

February 1998 - February 1998

TCP/IP on Windows NT4: Data Transport Protocols
Area of specialisation: Microsoft Network Administration

January 1998
January 1998

CEGOS (ib) / La Défense

January 1998 - January 1998

Advanced Windows NT4 Administration: Administration and Interconnection of Windows NT4 with Other Networks (Unix, Novell, etc.)
Area of specialisation: Microsoft Network Administration

August 1997
August 1997

CEGOS (ib) La Défense

August 1997 - August 1997

Windows NT4 Administration: Installation and Administration of a Windows NT4 network (Server and Workstation)
Area of specialisation: Microsoft Network Administration

October 1993
June 1995

IFOCOP / Eragny

October 1993 - June 1995

Co-op vocational education: Adv. Business Mgmt. and Organization (T.O.G.E.). Univ. Inst. of Technology degree (DUT) in Business Management. Financial Analysis, Cost Accounting, IT solutions for Business Mgmt. Analysis, Inventory Mgmt., Business Law
Area of specialisation: Business Management and Financial Analysis

November 1988
June 1990

IDM Formation / Paris

November 1988 - June 1990

(French technical Bac) in Accounting (General Ledger and Financial Statements, Profit and Loss accounts)
Area of specialisation: General Accounting

September 1977
June 1980

L.E.P. Les Mureaux

September 1977 - June 1980

Industrial Maintenance Engineering: Mastery of all trades in Industrial Mechanics, machines of all types, fitting, sheet metal work (both ferrous and base metals), electrical systems and pneumatic systems, industrial design.
Area of specialisation: Industrial Design; Electrical and Pneumatic Systems


January 2014
June 2014


January 2014 - June 2014

Mission: Elaboration and implementation of hardware repository for weekly monitoring of AREVA global computer park (about 55,000 pcs), dynamic analysis of types of materials compatible or not with the needs and expectations of project (Windows 7, SAP, Nuclear Safety , ...), followed the deployment etc ... for all the AREVA computer park

- Presentation of project impacts on the worldwide computer park in CoProj and CoDir "Management Comities" Together with local teams in Europe, Asia and Africa and in cooperation with USA and Germany teams.

November 2012
September 2013


November 2012 - September 2013

Mission: - Management of International Communications and Change Management for the NeOS project, transitioning from “Image” (Windows XP, Internet Explorer 6 and Office 2002/2003) to “NeOS” (Windows 7, Internet Explorer 9 and Office 2010).

- Determination and planning of deployment activities and resources required to operate at the customer’s site, and coordinating these activities by communicating both with management and local technical services;

- ensured that communication on site was comprehensive and in compliance with the change management procedures implemented at all levels of the local structure (management, technical team, users).

Means: - Organization of meetings with the technical teams of BDDF which provides support of projects development of BNP.
- Preparation of table of differences between the requirements of BDDF and current technical environment at BNP to reveal the hardware / software to be upgraded.
- Prticipating in meetings with project leaders on the planning issues: determination of pilot affiliates, estimation of technical and human resoureces availability in affiliates, development of migration schedule based on budget, technical feasibility and compatibility of current applications with new environment.
- Verify if all communications are properly distributed from the project management to the users in each country.
- Prepared information to the affiliate’s higher management on the summary of migration and changes planning and actual expenditures;
- Presentation on the status of migration, readiness of infrastructure for deployment and upgrade of systems so they are compatible with Windows 7.

Appraisal: ¤ Monitoring of planning and deployment activities, and coordinating these activities with communication from management as well as central and local technical services.

¤ Determination of pilot projects in order to analyze the adequacy of communication between central and local groups in each country impacted by the deployment.

¤ Analysis of needs and expectations (communication, information, assistance and training).

¤ On-site verification of correct communication comprehension, as well as the true adequacy and impact of the change management put into place upon the different levels of the local structure (management, technical, users).

¤ Implementation of the communication strategy and of most of the deliverables tied to the change management to ensure a maximum adhesion by all users to the changes brought about by the project.

June 2012
September 2012



June 2012 - September 2012

Mission: Management of the messaging system migration from Lotus Notes V5 to Outlook 2010,

Appraisal: ¤ Analysis of the organizational and environmental impacts tied to the Outlook migration.

¤ Proposal and deployment of a Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server.

¤ Implementation of an Information Campaign regarding correct usage of the new messaging system.

November 2010
March 2012

CPM « Customer Production Manager » AIRBUS

OBS (Orange Business services)

November 2010 - March 2012

Mission: - Establishment of procedures control (ITIL V3) describing the list of various actions to be followed for all procedures related to the service through its messaging infrastructure delivery (Exchange servers and Outlook clients), network flow (priority or not), storage (EVault), send and message delivery in a determined time after ALS, etc ...) management problems and crises more or less critical.
- Coordination and managing the technical teams in India, Egypt, Germany and France ensuring that all the system infrastructure (servers, network, flow, storage etc.) has the respective backups, no data lost during the transition period and there is no interruption in business services.
- Participation in the meetings related to change management (ITIL), validation in change management committee of the project status and providing opinion on the readiness of the forthcoming change. Providing assistance to the change management team in taking the decision on the implementation of the project.

Means: - Monitoring of production,
- Management of dedicated international technical teams (France Egypt)
- Coordination of international technical teams actions (France Egypt, India, Germany)
- Crisis management, monitoring of projects put into production, etc ...

Technical environment:
Windows 2000, 2003, 2008
Exchange 2007
BlackBerry, EVault, SQL

Appraisal: Management and coordination of all actions related to the production of IT services
Technical team management of production.
Management of the Production of IT projects
Monitoring SLAs (ITIL V3)
Management and monitoring of the technical crisis

July 2010
August 2010

OPM (Operational Project Manager) LVMH

OBS (Orange Business Services)

July 2010 - August 2010

Mission: Monitoring the production of a B to B portal "Acacia" type SharePoint

Means: Coordination of the technical Team and resources (web Architecture, Lotus Notes, etc ...)

February 2010
April 2010


EARIS Conseil

February 2010 - April 2010

Mission: Architecture design of International Asset Management project.
(moving of data center in new country, organization of the migration., preparation of the instalation and deployment of the new asset management program, organization of the communication and change management).

Means: Microsoft tools presentation and project planning. Technical environment:
- Windows 2003
- SharePoint 2003
- Exchange 2003
- Internal software package

Appraisal: Presentation of an architecture project, budget, schedule development and compatibility testing of the software, virtualization and functional test via VMWare, deployment drivers and their acceptance test, management of the general deployment.
Management of the program via SharePoint portal Server
Organization of the communicatn and change management.

August 2008
December 2009



August 2008 - December 2009

Mission: MDPH77 Departmental Houses of Disability (2 months)
- Design and implementation of an Active Directory architecture, multi-domain,
- Development, implementation and monitoring of the deployment plan.

EDF (14 months)
Management and monitoring of projects, organization and control deployments, communication and change management on the perimeter of the DOAAT
(Management Optimizations Upstream - Downstream and Trading) about 700 people).
- Development of different action plans (communication, deployment, change management),
- Development with the various trades impacted, analysis (existing risks and impacts) inherent to projects managed,
- Establishment and management of communication "pre-project"
- Organisation, management and monitoring of communications to users (targeted Trades)
- Organization and follow up with the Trades and the National Operator, the deployment of various projects,
- Development, implementation and management of change management

Means: MDPH77
My technical skills in IT, my organizational skills and my understanding of the needs

Windows 2000 and Vista, MS Project, MS Office 2000 and 2007, Lotus Notes V5 and V7.
Full project mode (in the CoPil "meeting with technical teams for recettage of deliverables") My field experience, my interpersonal skills, pedagogical and technical.
My knowledge of the environment (organizational and technical), my strength of proposal.

Appraisal: MDPH77
The project was finalized, reorganized and successfully deployed on Windows 2003 Srv, change management has fully integrated implementation of the project without any rejection

- 7 projects completed including 3 major
Management deployment projects (major projects) in mid to high stress environment .
- A project developed, validated and presented in CoPil, (Steering Committee)
- A major project (migration from Windows 2000 to Windows Vista) totally bookdesign (requirements analysis, analysis of the existing plan update materials, environmental impact analysis and change management.

April 2006
July 2008


ADESYS Conseil

April 2006 - July 2008

Mission: - EIFFAGE Mission (15 months) - Construction
Organization and management of communication on the implementation of the messaging solution group (Outlook 2003 on Exchange 2007) "Project MERCURY." This solution impacts approximately 16,000 users on 800 sites grouped into 10 regions.

- AP/HP Public Assistance / Parsis Hospitals Mission (12 months) Project Directorate of Information and Public Assistance Hospitals of Paris)
Management and implementation of projects Change management and educational organization set productivity and mobility, intra-and / or extramural (organizational, technical and computer hardware) Workstation medical informatics at the headquarters of the Public Assistance and Paris hospitals.

Means: - Eiffage:
MS Project, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2003, Exchange 2003 Outlook, Outlook Express, Novell GroupWise.
My field experience, my teaching skills and techniques.

- AP/HP:
My experience of technical computing, managing multiple projects simultaneously, in change and my money management skills.

Appraisal: - Eiffage: Establishment of communication, organization cross multiple projects, organization and implementation of change management and determination of functional referents.

- AP / HP: Among other things, managing and organizing multiple projects, determining with the project managers of the pilot sites organization of training and multi-site determination of functional referents.

January 2005
February 2006


Microsoft France

January 2005 - February 2006

Mission: - Present and promote the new family of Microsoft productivity and workplace mobility products.

- Computerization projects in the medical sector and product flow management solution for a wines and spirits company

Medical Sector:
¤ Centre Oscar LAMBRET (Cancer Clinic in Lille, France)
¤ Curie Institute/Hospital HUGUENIN (Cancer Clinic in Saint Cloud, France)
¤ Médical Expo (Paris porte de Versailles, France)
Wines and Spirits:
¤ Champagne ROEDERER (Reims, France)

Means: Software: All Microsoft products
MS Windows Server 2003, SharePoint Portal Server, Exchange, InfoPath, Office 2003 Suite, Citrix

Hardware: Notebooks, Tablet PCs, SmartPhones, Latest generation Pocket PCs

Appraisal: Demystification of workplace tools; pointing out how problems could be solved by learning to fully utilize the available office automation tools, through education and training. Developed a real-time hospital solution.

August 2001
June 2004


MAGIC Software Enterprises France

August 2001 - June 2004

Mission: Responsible for the management and organization of educational services; mgmt. of training staff assigned to teaching projects; conception of training/certification programs and support materials; creation of an E-Learning training solution

Means: Software: Magic and other editors (Microsoft, Macromedia, etc.)
Documentation: Magic France and corporate.
Hardware: Laptops, various types of servers
Team: 3-member training staff, in constant contact with the development team, self-training.

Appraisal: Development of solutions written in Magic v9.30, used to support the training development staff. Complete training management for a large client application package on four “Paris Expo” sites and creation of an E-Learning training solution

March 1997
July 2001


CEGOS (ib) / La Défense / France

March 1997 - July 2001

Mission: Evaluate, advise, and assign training staff to various educational projects; design and develop training programs and step in as needed on specific projects; assist sales reps and ensure that responses to requests for offers are educationally sound.

Means: Quantitative and qualitative monitoring of training sessions and objectives via a planning board; monthly meetings of the education department; sharing of skills.

Appraisal: Educational Project Director for
-Essilor: Over a 2-year period, trained 500 employees in 2 countries; placement of several instructors and tutors.
-Fina Total Elf: Participated in the installation and administration of the E-Learning training server

August 1995
February 1997


CDF Bureautique

August 1995 - February 1997

Mission: Office Automation Training Consultant. Intervenor in Business Law for the Paris Chamber of Commerce. 4 classes (1st year BEP to 2nd year BTS students).

Means: Resources: Office Automation Training Leader (development of training curriculum); Drafted advertising brochures; Business Law Training Leader for BEP and BTS classes (Paris Chamber of Commerce).

Appraisal: Intervention in subcontracting for various companies (Dassault Systems, Banque de France, I.F.P. C.N.E.S., French Ministry of the Interior, Groupe Bouygues, INSEAD, etc.) through skills centers such as ib Formation and Groupe Diaz Informatique.

November 1993
June 1995


ITW France

November 1993 - June 1995

Mission: IFOCOP training; Accounts Payable administration, as well as development and installation of an IT solution for inventory analysis and management in real time.

Means: IT resources (accounting software, Mac-Pac application, spreadsheets). Technical assistance from the Data Processing office.

Appraisal: Development of an IT solution for inventory and flow analysis and management in real time; Development of a training plan for users; Accounts payable administration.

June 1993
September 1993


Accounting services provider

June 1993 - September 1993

Mission: Provided accounting services to a company specialized in crafts, making aacounting entries, preparing the Balance Sheet.

July 1990
April 1993


Novell Digital Research France

July 1990 - April 1993

Mission: Inventory control and flow management throughout Europe. Responsible for supplier contract management.

Means: IT resources: Accounting software, such as Saari Compta/Gestion, Management applications (Novell-Maxim); analysis of sales throughout Europe with Lotus 1-2-3 for flow, transportation and delivery management analysis. Warehousing management in Mexico

Appraisal: International inventory control and flow management; responsible for supplier contracts (Digital Research); Administration of International Sales Index centralization.

April 1982
June 1990


CURIE Institute/Hospital HUGUENIN

April 1982 - June 1990

Mission: Responsible for taking inventory and inventory control.

Means: Paper checklists and inventory sheets. Using my own initiative, put into place an automated system of inventory taking and inventory control through computerization of the various warehouses.

Appraisal: Real-time processing of inbound freight deliveries; uninterrupted inventory control with a minimum of error in deliveries or list of inventory; thorough, detailed management of inventory and orders.

February 1981
March 1982


French Ministry of the Interior

February 1981 - March 1982

Mission: Handle Defense classified mail and files; office supplies and equipment inventory control; handle orders from suppliers.

Means: Accepting mail from the post office and files from police and army couriers; ordering supplies directly from supply houses.

Appraisal: Handling confidential ministerial files, mail and memos; management of secured inventory of administrative equipment. Authorized to handle high-level Defense classified documents.


  • French

    Speaking competence: Native speaker ,  Written competence: Native speaker
  • English

    Speaking competence: Fluent ,  Written competence: Fluent
  • Russian

    Speaking competence: Basic level ,  Written competence: Basic level

Computing skills


Cloud computing:
Iaas (via virtualisation Citrix or VMWare), SaaS (CRM SharPoint, office online automation)

Operating Systems:
Windows (8, 7, XP, Server 2003), Macintosh (System 10x), Linux (Ubuntu and Fedora)

Productivity Applications:
MS Office (Online, 365, System 2013, 2010, 2007), Google (Open Office).

Microsoft (Exchange, Outlook, Lync, Skype). Lotus (Domino, Notes, Sametime).

Server Applications:
SharePoint, (OneDrive, MOSS, Server, Workspace) MS Office System 2013, 2010, 2007 (Project, InfoPath …), VMware, Citrix, EVault (Devauteam)

Other Tools:
CRM, ERP and EAI, MAGIC MAGIC 9.30 (web) and 8.30 MAGIC 9.30 (MS SQL Server, Btrieve, Oracle, DB2), MS Biztalk with SAP, DBMS and associated servers. Team Viewer.


Magic in command line.

Additional information

Other Tools: CRM, ERP and EAI, MAGIC 8.30 and MAGIC 9.30 (MS SQL Server, Btrieve and Oracle)



Office automation trainer (CDF and iB), I am aimed at the management and coordination of educational projects and change management.
At Magic, I was educational and change management director. I coordinated the technical team to find solutions could correspond to the client’s technical and human expectations.
At Microsoft, I identified the needs and expectations of clients and find technical solution to address their problems.
The projects I subsequently participated in, allowed me to improve with success my international experience in medical, construction and industrial sectors
At Airbus, I managed international technical teams and coordinated all technical actions with those in other teams throughout the world and implemented the ITIL V3 process related to these actions.
The two subsequent projects which I had with the USA and Eastern Europe and Africa allowed me to apply with success my organizational methods and my approach to the international transverse project management.


IT decisional architecture.

- Determination of the organizational, functional and application architecture for the implementation

IT subdivision allotment.
Functional and application architecture.

- Operational decision after pilot analysis.

- Organization and implementation of IT subdivision perimeter (functional and trades).

- Realization and implementation of deployment.


- Project Management (Planning, coordinating, Reporting, ...) IT workspace (work station, Client /server Deployment or upgrade, etc.:
Prince2, V Cycle, CMMI

- Development and development of ERP:

- Development of planning schedules

- Management and coordination of cross-functional projects in parallel

- Management and monitoring of budgets

- Management and coordination of deployment / migration of applications and devices

- Monitoring, reporting and consolidation of information

Team management

Management and coordination of international technical teams

Run activity monitoring management (ITIL V3)

- Definition of service catalogs and SLAs

- Definition of OLAS with the various components involved in SI

- Implementation Service Desk

- Implementation of management problems

- Monitoring and management planning for change (RFC CAB)

- Incident & Crise management and process optimization

- Implementation of ITIL V3 processes


Managing and monitoring of projects related to IT infrastructure, organization and implementation of communication and change management at EDF. (750 users 50 jobs).

Direction of change management and educational activities at the headquarters of the PA Public Assistance/ HP Paris Hospitals (55000 users,almost 100 medical jobs, at 55 sites).

Managing communication and change management in the implementation of a mail group Eiffage ISM (Information System Management) "BTP" (16,000 users in 800 sites, mostly remote).

Managing the change management for major Essilor IT migration (2500 users 25 jobs at 5 sites in France and abroad, supervising 10 trainers and tutors).

Managing communication and change management for the implementation of an ERP, implementation and organization of the Help Desk (1500 Users more 50 jobs at 5 sites)


Monitoring of the production.

Management of international technical teams.

Coordination of activities of international technical teams.

Crisis management, monitoring of production projects, managing all the technical productions, etc.

Management, coordination and monitoring of technical changes.


Analysis of needs and expectations, educational design plans, supervision of trainers and tutors, determination of trainings.

Organization and management of educational monitoring, pre and post-development software.

Author of training manuals, published by Eyrolles Office and Tsoft.


- Aeronautic: Airbus 35,000uses As CPM (Customer Project Manager)

- Bank: BNP Paribas IRB "International retail Banking" 15,000 users (10 countries more DOM POM) as Project change manager

- Energy: EDF as Project Manager, communication and change management.

- Construction company: Eiffage (16,000 Users on 800 sites)
Project, communication and change manager.

- Medical sector: Director of change management and technical project manager.

- Software Publishers: Microsoft, Magic Software, Novell, Digital Research

Service: project manager and coordinator of educational projects.
¤ Aéronautic : Dassault,
¤ Bank : Banque de France and Abou Dhabi Bank,
¤ Industrie : ITW France, Alstom production (Belgium)
¤ Administration : French Ministry of the Interior,
¤ Energie : IFP (petroleum French institute),
¤ Luxury and perfumes: LVMH, Quest,


Software architecture and development of productivity of the workplace, organization of the communication for the change management and the IT projects deployment.


Computer (systems, technical and office technology) PC, Mac.

Author of books published by Eyrolles Office and Tsoft.

Reading and DIY.

Playing rugby and swimming.

Music (playing violin, piano and guitar).


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