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Technopreneur, Community Manager, Environmentalist.

Technical degree / Associate's Degree
16 BP 23 ABIDJAN 16 Abidjan
Région des Lagunes
Ivory Coast



The sector that interests me more specifically is:

Media / Information

I'm an Ivorien Abidjan Technopreneur (West Africa: Cote d'Ivoire). An experienced on and offline business builder as well as business owner. I specialize in helping to take small business B2C to the top of their local markets by handling the day to day management (day deal) of an online business. And towards B2B in helping them to integrate their websites, Blogs with their Social media pages, and/or optimize their social media presence, and branding to make consistent marketing messages.

You bring the ingredients, we will make a digital stew together.

Growing Stronger Everyday! This past year, I've been going through a lot of personal development and trying to better myself in anyway that I can.


April 2013

Executive Assistant

Since April 2013

Mission: IT administrative management, compatability, archiving, stock management, Freelance IT

October 2011

iTech Supervisor

Since October 2011

Mission: My duty is to ensure that clients who will buy or owned some iTech materials. And make sure they will get minimum knowledge about the ability of theirs purchases, in their daily life and specially in their work place.

Means: Technology is a part of everyday life achievement, because we cannot live without it. And for lot of people buying it or using it, they cannot make half of the purposes of their purchase. So im helping them achieve their needs.

November 2009

CEO, Technopreneur, Social media Consultant.

I.S.P Prestation de Services Internet

Since November 2009

Mission: I.S.P, we are a team offering a diverse "online"rang of services from Graphic Design for brand identity, to Leaflets,Posters, Logo & Website Design, Training... To us your business is unique. We strive to go beyond standard design to create fresh, innovative work.

So many businesses are ready to take advanced step to enhance their social media presence, and we are ready to help them! By creating specific social media politics, setting together goals for each business, together we devise a strategy and plan of action to engage more customers, more supporters and more buzz.

Means: Nearly 40% of small business do not have a Website. Research has shown the number, one reason why SMB don't have an online presence is due to a cost. Many design firms charge thousands pf dollars to build Websites. We have developed an perfect the process so that we can offer cost effective, high quality and professional website and online presence to Small Business owners at affordables rates.

July 2011

President, General Coordinator,Organizer.

350 Côte d'ivoire

Since July 2011

Mission: Move beyond fossile fuel. To evoid climate change scientists say we must get back to 350ppm. And our mission consits to raise awarness and inform local population in order to see changes.

350 Côte d’Ivoire’s a local branch of the International NGO 350. org which aims to fight against climate change, fossils fuels, and educate people about how to live in a green world.
*Collaborate activity, maintain visibility on social website, and keep local population aware of climate change risk.
*Selected from being part of leader around the world for the 350. org GPS campaign at Istanbul this june. Global Power Shift (GPS) will be the starting point for a new phase in the international climate movement.

Means: ppm's (Part Per Million) the rate of the CO2 on the atmosphere causing this climate disaster. From 275ppm in early 1970, we've passed to 350ppm in 2000 and now we're reaching nearly 400ppm (2ppm up every year).

Appraisal: Part of the international NGO "350"'s local groups and joinning the international day called "Moving planet" on 24th September 2011, we are raising awarness locally to make our impacts too, toward reaching the 350ppm.

July 2007
January 2008

Cleaner Supervisor.

London Property Maintenace

July 2007 - January 2008

Mission: My task was essential to ensure the Hygiene, Health and Safety condition, Recycling and Supervise the work of staff in a Shopping Center(Vicarage Fields, Barking, UK). Also ensure that Shopping's Corridors, Lorry bay were always clean and unobstructed. To carry out this task, Training and Certification were needed, for the use of machinery or tools of work was essential.

Means: I've used to work with different kind of machines to make my job easier like compactor machine, baler machine, floor machine.

Appraisal: i never had a complain regarding my job, and had improved the services compare to the previous workers.

September 2005
May 2006

Computer inventory management


September 2005 - May 2006

Mission: I had responsibility for managing the inventory of spare parts in power companies. consequently inventories, output and input of various pieces ranging in the functioning of a gas turbine were at my course load with the help of my tutor. and all information should be automated for strict monitoring of the rooms and the proper functioning of society.

Means: Companie software, staffs working there, internet, companie archives.

Appraisal: At the end of my study, the conclusion is that mock, it's a company that has all the means necessary for the proper functioning but more than 50% of the workers are very old and when using spare parts, they should work in harmony with the maganisier, who should have get more personnel, in order to update its database in terms of pieces in stock. This will facilitate the task at the time of the inventory. And not only for the maganiser, all the staff should have try to learn more about the companie software, so that thing should be much easier and they won't waist time during the inventory or when looking for an important device.


September 2006

Greenwich London College

Since September 2006

IMIS or management informations systems Diploma. it is a qualifications in the area of management information systems, which are vital for the effective management of business.
Area of specialisation: IT

September 2007
September 2007

Enviro-Waste GB Limited

September 2007 - September 2007

CARDBOARD BALING: Recycling process
Area of specialisation: CERTIFICATE on Vertical Mill Baler

September 2007
September 2007

Floor Cleaning Machines LTD

September 2007 - September 2007

Operation and Daily Maintenance on Machine MODELS.
Area of specialisation: S2 SCRUBBER DRIER

September 2007
September 2007

Stanley Handling & Ltd

September 2007 - September 2007

Certificat of Training.
Area of specialisation: Make: ROBUR, Type: PUSH/PULL STACKER, Motive Power: ELECTRIC, Capacity: 1000KG

September 2007
September 2007

Enviro-Waste GB Limited

September 2007 - September 2007

Compaction: the reduction or consolidation of hardware to make better use of physical floor space.
Area of specialisation: On The Envirowaste Portable Compactor

October 2002
July 2005


October 2002 - July 2005

higer national diploma
Area of specialisation: computer management

October 2002
July 2003

College Moderne Bougainville

October 2002 - July 2003

Baccalaureat D 'FRENCH DIOPLOMA'
Area of specialisation: "A" LEVEL

October 1993
July 1998

College Catholique Saint Jean Bosco

October 1993 - July 1998

Area of specialisation: "O" LEVEL

Computing skills


-Web2.0, Java, HTML 5, iOS, Android
-Turbo Pascal, Merise Procédé
-microsoft2000, XP, 7...
-3D Technology
-Computer Archiving


-Web2.0, iOS, Android
-Turbo Pascal, Visual Basic, C++, Java

Additional information

A student of technology himself, Cheick is fascinated by the ever evolving social communication tools and will continue to be on the forefront of innovation when it comes to adapting and mastering new tools.
Cheick is (in Freelance)currently helping offline business do better online with local search optimization, social media branding...


  • French

    Speaking competence: Native speaker ,  Written competence: Native speaker
  • English

    Speaking competence: Fluent ,  Written competence: Fluent


Hobbies :)

Listen music, Cinema, Gaming, Networking, Go to the park, Bike, Walk, News, CNN.