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Teach English and Hindi.

University studies
Région Île-de-France



The sector that interests me more specifically is:

Education / Training

Reach a hand out to anyone interested in learning or perfectioning in English or Hindi.


January 2010


Since January 2010

Mission: Working on each student means changing their perspective towards the language and at the same time raising their self confidence.
My mission is to turn a challenge into a pleasure.

April 2015


Since April 2015

Mission: Thanks to AFS, I have been exposed to group trainings in some of the prestigious companies such as Dassault and Societe Generale.

My aim has always been at improving the language skills and most important self confidence in a person.

I adapt myself to each of my students so as to make them as comfortable as possible.

November 2011

Language Assistant

Lycee Marcel CACHIN

Since November 2011

Mission: Working in a high school helped me to understand and help the special needs of students.

April 2008

English and Hindi Trainer


Since April 2008

Mission: My task is to go to different famous French companies (Sogeprom, Tempur, Blue line, Still, H&M etc) to overcome the trainees' apprehension concerning the English language by increasing their "Business text" comprehension and extending their vocabulary as much as possible.
The aim is really that working and speaking in English becomes natural and fluent.

Means: According to the time allocated for the lesson, I :

1 : Prepare some text material from the "Financial Times", the manual "Market Leader" (news articles with relevant questions) and obviously Internet.

2 : Leave the last hour exclusively for oral material

Classes are given in various places to make the lesson as interesting as possible.

Appraisal: The trainees are very satisfied and share their progress with me as one of them dealt with Anglophone speakers and made a public presentation in English; which she would have never been able to do without my training.
With time, the demand for my services has amplified sharply with a variety of companies (Royal Bank of Scotland, O.C.P., Redbull...).

January 2002
April 2008

Self - Employed


January 2002 - April 2008

Mission: Raise the sales of our shoe shop in a very competitive environment.

Means: By changing the placing of the shoes, adding new accessories, offering different schemes and maintaining a cordial relationship with clients.

Appraisal: The shop has been recognised by a lot more customers and has resisted despite the increasing competition.

January 2000
December 2000



January 2000 - December 2000

Mission: Maintained and developped relationship with new clients.

January 2000
November 2000


From home

January 2000 - November 2000

Mission: Gave tutions in Hindi and English to meet the needs of underprivileged children .

Appraisal: My coaching allowed all of them to rank top 5 in their respective classes.


July 2010
August 2010


July 2010 - August 2010

T.E.F.L. ( Teaching English as a Foreign Language )

July 1999
April 2001

Wadia College. Pune (INDIA)

July 1999 - April 2001

Bachelor Of Arts in Pschycology.
Area of specialisation: Pschycology.

July 1997
April 1999

Wadia College. Pune (INDIA)

July 1997 - April 1999

H.S.C. in Science and Maths
Area of specialisation: Science

Computing skills


Internet User.

Additional information

Basic Computer Knowledge.


  • English

    Speaking competence: Native speaker ,  Written competence: Native speaker



I love being among people as seeing life from another point of view makes one broad-minded and informs one about the latest happenings.


Having an Indian origin and being a member of a big family (I live with my in-laws, husband and children), I often cook and my dishes are appreciated.