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Media / Information

I'm a French student, currently majoring in Intergrated Marketing Communications at Winthrop University, South Carolina.

I am willing to find a position in the course of the year 2010. I come from a French Advertising and Communication private school, within which I have learnt about event organization, creative design, public relations, etc. At Winthrop University since January, I have had the chance to learn about international communication, comsumer behavior and promotion management.

As a new employee, I hope to improve my communication skills but also to experience various responsibilities in various aspects of the communication field.
I am deeply attracted by meaningful companies and the idea of working for a cause. I somehow hope to be able to help (people, the environment, rare species, etc.) through my professional position.
I love working in team, being in movement, living an "eventful" professional life, and travelling through different continents.
I speak fluent english and spanish, as well as french.

Hoping to make good impressions,


2007 September

ISCOM Montpellier (Advertising and Communication College)

Since 2007 September

3rd and 4th ISCOM year
Area of specialisation: Press Relations/Event Organization and International Communications

2005 September
2006 June

Université Montaigne - Bordeaux

2005 September - 2006 June

Licence (3rd year graduation)
Area of specialisation: LEA = Foreign Languages

2003 September
2005 June

Université Paul Valéry - Montpellier

2003 September - 2005 June

1st and 2nd year of University (also called a DEUG diploma in France)
Area of specialisation: LEA = Foreign Languages


2009 July
2009 August

Marketing Assistant

2009 July - 2009 August

Mission: Y2 Managemement is a talent management agency. It covers different types of artists, from singers to comedians to models.
I was in charge of researching international venues in order to launch the some of the artists overseas.
I also worked on different events as an assistant, taking care of charts, calls, suppliers etc.

Means: The company is quite young and functions thanks to volunteers mainly. The managers were in the process of changing the status of the company in order to offer salary positions to everyone.
The whole team was very specialized in different aspects of talent management: welness consultant, artists' , public relations, special events coordinator, etc.
It was very interesting to see the inside of the entertainment industry.

2008 June
2008 September

Press Relations Assistant

2008 June - 2008 September

Mission: Realizing the press review of the group (about 15 restaurants around the world)
Organizing the "Tournoi des Etoilés 2008"
Contacting and answering to the journalists

2008 January
2008 March

Advertising Account Executive

Agence de Publicité Globe Communication

2008 January - 2008 March

Mission: Following clients' accounts
Realizing a qualitative advertisments analysis
Checking the development of campaigns

2006 October
2006 December


Ba Ba Black Café - Perth, AUSTRALIA

2006 October - 2006 December

Mission: Welcoming clients,
Cleaning the café,
Receiving the deliveries,
Preparing the food

2005 July
2005 July

Visitors assistant

Tourist Office of Santa Pola - SPAIN

2005 July - 2005 July

Mission: Welcoming tourists and answering them
Promoting the region (Comunidad Valenciana)
Updating the information available to the visitors


  • French

    Speaking competence: Native speaker ,  Written competence: Native speaker
  • English

    Speaking competence: Fluent ,  Written competence: Fluent
  • Spanish

    Speaking competence: Fluent ,  Written competence: Fluent

Computing skills


Adobe Creative Suite 3 (Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop)
Microsoft Office (Word/Excel/Powerpoint)
Adobe Dreamweaver



Australia (Perth, Sidney, Melbourne, Adelaide)
Spain (Barcelona, Galicia, Santa Pola)


- Dances : Ballet, Salsa, Hip-hop, Modern, Swing
- Diving : Open Water Diver Certification
- Swimming
- Horse-riding
- Drama
- Readings
- Cinema

Driving Licence

Passed in May 2005 in Montpellier - FRANCE