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Marketing and Communication Assistant

University studies
29733 Rock Hill
South Carolina
United States



The sector that interests me more specifically is:

Marketing / Advertising

I would like to work in any communication and marketing field in order to have a broad experience on these subjects.

My objective is to become a high skilled communication lead in a company's marcom department, in charge of the marketing and communication strategy.

I'm really interested in building messages for specific target audiences to achieve one's company's objectives.

I came from France to the United States to finish my studies. USA is known to have good universities and extremely valuated work experiences in marketing and communication.
I've travelled a lot during my life (Africa,Asia,Europe,Oceania and now USA) and this gave me an open mind and strong interests in discovering new people from new cultures.

I am a really adaptative person and I am willing to accept any kind of internship missions that could allow me to improve my communication and marketing skills.


July 2008
September 2008

Former Students Head

July 2008 - September 2008

Mission: I was responsible for the creation of the first version of a former student directory. This directory has been printed out immediately after I finished it.
The objective of that year book is to make information about the former students actual job situations available and to facilitate the job seeking process for the actual students of that school.
My mission was to update all the information I had about the former students. This involved contacting about 1,500 students who have been attending the school from 1979 to 2008.
I also designed a poster and a flyer for students recruitment purposes.

Appraisal: I really liked doing that directory because I think having a strong network is really important for such a school to help actual student to find a job.
My employer was so satisfyed of the work I did that he gave me a bonus at the en of the internship. They waited a long time before having that directory done and my help was very useful in achieving the school objectives in terms of former and actual students network.

January 2008
March 2008

Marketing and Communication Assistant

January 2008 - March 2008

Mission: I have been working on the pre-production of a corporate video to present the Mauritius Accenture Delivery Center to Accenture's partners and clients.
I also set a recruitment campaign to hire trainees from the University of Mauritius.
I had the opportunity to assist my manager in creating a branding internal campaign about the CMMI quality certification to make it more appealing to employees. Working on the employees' newsletter was also very enriching in terms of writing ang graphic skills.
Finally I really enjoyed organising the annual event of the company which gave me the opportunity to use my skills in transport and logistics.

Appraisal: This 3 month internship was a really good experience as it allowed me to go through many communication fields such as event planning, internal and external communication and also public relation.
I improved my skills in design using the Adobe Creative suite.
I really enjoyed this position in Accenture and I am more than ready to work as a marketing and communication assistant again.

September 2006
June 2007

International Air Export Manager Assistant

SDV logistics international - Montpellier, France

September 2006 - June 2007

Mission: In charge of the organisation of air deliveries across the world. I had to deal with customers (individuals and companies) and also with freight air transport companies to plan the deliveries according to the customer wishes.
I also dealt with the customs/duty procedures and all the administrative tasks that are mandatories for international parcel sending.

Appraisal: The time I spend working in that company was very helpful for my transport and logistics studies at that time. I enjoyed the international aspect of my position and everyone in the department was very pleased to have me within the Air Export team.

September 2005
July 2006

Delivery Planner

Vir Transport - Montpellier, France

September 2005 - July 2006

Mission: organization of furnitures delivery rounds. I was in charge of setting appointments with customer for them to be delivered within deadlines.I had to organise the rounds according to geographic contraints (across four different regions in the south of France) to minimize the delivery times. I also assisted truck drivers to as a delivery boy during a month. That allowed me to really understand the final realisation of the plannings I was used to do. It really helped me to set better planning strategies.

Appraisal: I accomplished my tasks correctly and my managers were sastisfied of what I did.I've been really appreciated for my English skills and I became the one who was dealing with foreign customers.

May 2004
August 2004

Responsible of entrances and general security in a multiplex movie theatre

CinéCity Nouméa

May 2004 - August 2004

Mission: I had to organise the entrance lines according to the movies and the time they were shown. Ther was 12 rooms to look after and that included helping the customers and orienting them to the right place.
I was in charge of the customer relation (directly or through the phone) and I had to check the fire alarms daily to make sure that everything was safe for the building.

Appraisal: This was my first official work experience. My employer gave me a lot of responsabilities which allowed me to get more self confident and to improve my social and adaptative skills.
I was only eighteen at this time and by the end of the first week I was mastering all the tasks I had to do in that new big movie theatre.


January 2009

Winthrop University, RockHill SC

Since January 2009

Bachelor in Integrated Marketing and Communication
Area of specialisation: Marketing and Communication

September 2007
December 2008

Superior Institute of Communication (ISCOM), Montpellier

September 2007 - December 2008

I entered that institute to get skilled in global communication fields such as advertising, corporate communication, promotion management, sales promotion and also grahic design methods with the Adobe Creative Suite.

September 2005
June 2007

Promotrans Superior School of Transport and Logistics, Montpellier

September 2005 - June 2007

Two years degree in transport and logistics.
This degree allows people to be positionned as transport manager in transport and logistics companies.
I graduated with honors as valedictorian.

September 2004
June 2005

Sorbonne University, Paris

September 2004 - June 2005

English Litterature and Civilizations (England and USA)

Computing skills


- Microsoft Office

- Adobe Creative suite


  • French

    Speaking competence: Native speaker ,  Written competence: Native speaker
  • English

    Speaking competence: Fluent ,  Written competence: Fluent
  • Japanese

    Speaking competence: Basic level ,  Written competence: School level



Travelling is my passion thanks to my father who was a military surgeon for the French Army. He used to travel the world with my mother, my older brother and I, for the purposes of his work.
I have been living in Burundi and Tchad until I was seven, then my family and I came back to France the country where I was born. Four years later we moved to New Caledonia, which is a small Island (French colony) near Australia. We stayed there for 8 years and I had the opportunity to go to Australia, I have been to Shangai, I travelled in South Africa and stayed 4 months in New Zealand when I was 18.
I have also visited a few countries in Europe, such as Spain or even Italy.
I came back to France to start my studies in 2004 and I am in USA today to obtain an Integrated Marketing and Communication Bachelor in Winthrop University.

USA Studies

I've decided to finish my studies by doing a bachelor in Winthrop University , RockHill, SC.
I started the 2009 spring semester and my major is Integrated Marketing and Communication. I will hopefully graduate in Decmber 2009.


I love reading all kind of books, and I have a preference for non fiction books related to many different subjects such as anthropology, religion, or even science.

I also enjoy biking, swimming, hiking camping, and all the outdoor activities that can get me out of my work and studies routine as I am a nature lover.

I am really interested in interpersonnal relations with people and love to make new friends in order to share feelings and interests.

Most of all I really enjoy travelling and learning english was a really good thing that allows me to work and study abroad.