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Hazardous Waste Tech

Secondary Education
94550 Livermore
United States



The sector that interests me more specifically is:

Environment / Durable development

I have been in the Environmental industry for 20 years and recently married a Irish girl and would like to live and work in her country, that's what motivates me and my objectives are to continue to work in the field that I am trained in.


April 1991

Hazardous Waste Field Tech

Since April 1991

Mission: I am a Hazardous and Radioactive waste technician. My duties have been in the decontamination and demolition of contaminated buildings and trailers through to the packaging of the waste and disposal.

Means: My job is to prevent the spread of contamination to the public and the community.

Appraisal: Safer and cleaner environment.


April 1991

John F Kennedy High School 1977

Since April 1991

High School Diploma
Area of specialisation: Environmental studies

Computing skills


Word and excel


  • English

    Speaking competence: Fluent ,  Written competence: Fluent


Church mission's

Like to to help churches with there building projects.