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Confirmé(e)    Ecole d'ingénieur
• operating in a business where i can participate in its development. • expand my professional networks. • me develop my skills and promote. --------------------------------------------------------------- • attention to detail and ...
Junior    3ème cycle universitaire / Maîtrise
i am well-organized, self-disciplined and enthusiastic professional, showing particular interest in commercial law, law of obligations and contracts, civil law, international business law and criminal law, as well. what motivates ...
Confirmé(e)    2ème cycle universitaire / Licence
choosing one’s career is the most important thing in any person’s life since it is one part of life change. in fact, being a teacher is one of the most ...
Confirmé(e)    Niveau secondaire général
i work in the construction industry from 15 years with great passion and al respects! for me and a job that a lot of satisfaction and i will continue to ...
Sénior    3ème cycle universitaire / Maîtrise
an experienced operations/senior manager with a proven track record in managing small to corporate scale establishments. as a supportive leader, believing in building team morale to achieve long-term customer loyalty ...
Confirmé(e)    Ecole d'ingénieur
• a diversified result oriented professional with a genuine interest in product, business and market development in engineering and high-tech industry environments • have over 4 years of experience from ...
Confirmé(e)    Ecole de commerce
business planner l'oreal paris master of international business and master of international transports and logistics.sorbonne university / grenoble school of managment
Confirmé(e)    Ecole d'ingénieur
career objective: to explore good opportunity in reputed organization by utilizing my expertise and technical abilities to the optimum level for the growth and development of the organization. career strength: ...
Confirmé(e)    2ème cycle universitaire / Licence
my interest are learning and using other international languages. i integrate easily into a new team and i am always willing to take on new challenges. i anticipate good to ...
Sénior    Ecole d'ingénieur
experienced senior marketing manager, with epfl scientific educational background, 2015 mba student, with over 10 years in marketing and sales roles in fmcg international company. - proven success in holistic ...
Sénior    2ème cycle universitaire / Licence
hard working good presence of mind impressive leadership eagerness for learning new things passionate about my work
Confirmé(e)    Niveau secondaire professionnel
Sénior    Doctorat
one which is stimulating and provides a certain challenge and possibilities for advancement. i am highly flexible and easily adapt to any given number of environments.i will enhance and contribute ...
Junior    3ème cycle universitaire / Maîtrise
i am a responsible and diligent person who is keen to have more knowledge, to work in group and to know others forms of work in other countries. i am ...


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