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Junior    3ème cycle universitaire / Maîtrise
i believe that advanced experience in an acknowledged company will help me to improve my acquaintance.
Confirmé(e)    3ème cycle universitaire / Maîtrise
to practice my academic and professional experience during the years of studies and working in the field of trading. dynamic and conscientious, i'm sure that i can be quickly operational.
Junior    3ème cycle universitaire / Maîtrise
targets: resources planning, organization and control in energy field. my main purpose is to focus my personal training in renewable energy field and associated activities, wich needs the impulse of ...
Confirmé(e)    Ecole d'ingénieur
my professional experience can be summarized as engineer specialized in projects and consulting about management of water and natural resources, agriculture (irrigation and technical consulting specially citrus), water laws, urban ...
Confirmé(e)    2ème cycle universitaire / Licence
analysis and teaching attitude.
Confirmé(e)    2ème cycle universitaire / Licence
geological sciences
Etudiant(e)    3ème cycle universitaire / Maîtrise
my personal branding is happyness and nowadays focusing that at work,i think a new age is coming, and human being is going to become so important. in fact are the ...
Sénior    3ème cycle universitaire / Maîtrise
hello and welcome to my profile consultant since almost 20 years, i gained the most complete experience in international and transverse it project management with changes management that they induce. ...
Sénior    Etudes supérieures professionnelles
i'm looking for a job as coordinator programs in nutrition care practices, food security and as a consultant in evaluation and nutrition surveys
Etudiant(e)    1er cycle universitaire
dynamic and conscientious,i'm sure they can be quickly operational.
Sénior    Ecole d'ingénieur
■ a highly efficient person, methodical and talented with experience of developing and implementing effective quality control processes in food and pharmaceutical industries ■ excellent ability to adapt in multicultural ...
Confirmé(e)    Doctorat
passionate about languages and cultural enrichment, i would like to take and seize any opportunity to display my abilities. as a translator and interpreter, communication is my main field of ...
Confirmé(e)    Niveau secondaire général
being a person motivate i would know how to put into practice my knowledge by your company
Sénior    3ème cycle universitaire / Maîtrise
strong managerial and operational experience in the sales and marketing area inside companies active in the electronic and services fields. experiences in start up and organization of sales departments in ...


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