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Confirmé(e)    Etudes supérieures professionnelles
to earn more money with my skill and knowledge
Sénior    3ème cycle universitaire / Maîtrise
an experienced operations/senior manager with a proven track record in managing small to corporate scale establishments. as a supportive leader, believing in building team morale to achieve long-term customer loyalty ...
Sénior    2ème cycle universitaire / Licence
a challenging position in customer service, where training and past experience can be utilized in a growth oriented situation. highly motivated, detail oriented, fast and extremely organized
Confirmé(e)    3ème cycle universitaire / Maîtrise
obtain a challenging leadership position applying creative problem solving and lean management skills with a growing company to achieve optimum utilization of its resources and maximum profits. i have experience ...
Confirmé(e)    3ème cycle universitaire / Maîtrise
complete understanding of marketing and development of the organization and success in steering them to enhanced growth with vision to drive business excellence through efficient functioning and client servicing. recognized ...
Etudiant(e)    Ecole d'ingénieur
i would like to work in a team in the food processing , medical or cosmetic industry. use highly technical equipment to study the chemical nature of living organisms and ...
Junior    Etudes supérieures professionnelles
i am curious and always looking to discover new technologies, mainly self-taught and good general knowledge in ict. versatile, responsive and autonomous.
Junior    2ème cycle universitaire / Licence
dynamic, positive, customer-oriented and goal-oriented. 7 years of experience. used to work under pressure. experience in international environments.
Sénior    3ème cycle universitaire / Maîtrise
every assignment that i take up shall be a unique opportunity for me to create and add value through a hands-on learning approach, thereby contributing to the growth and objectives ...
Sénior    2ème cycle universitaire / Licence
to secure myself a position in an organization that offers the learning curve, offers an opportunity to learn and make challenging real time innovative solutions. as you can see , ...
Confirmé(e)    2ème cycle universitaire / Licence
personal statement: i’m writing to communicate my great interest in applying for a position as a sourcing specialist – quality controller in a professional working environment. it would be pleased ...
Confirmé(e)    1er cycle universitaire
Sénior    2ème cycle universitaire / Licence
my name is william garcía zaldívar and i am spanish citizen living in sweden. i am graduated as a dentist since 1996 and i have practiced as a dentist in ...
Confirmé(e)    Niveau secondaire général
being a person motivate i would know how to put into practice my knowledge by your company


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