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Confirmé(e)    3ème cycle universitaire / Maîtrise
develop a challenging career that gives the opportunity to use & strengthen my technical skills and knowledge passion for technology. keen interest and professional experience in computational fluid dynamics, steady ...
Sénior    Doctorat
operational efficiency salary increase awards etc
Confirmé(e)    2ème cycle universitaire / Licence
professional objective:- to increase emplooyer's expectation. motivation:- innovation and technology with proper mix of knowledge & learning is the key for seeking a career in any industry.
Sénior    Ecole d'ingénieur
to obtain a position that will enable me to use my strong technical and project management skills, educational background, and ability to work well with people.
Confirmé(e)    Etudes supérieures professionnelles
proven dexterity to anticipate potential barriers and work within the organization to resolve barriers before they create delays along with identifying issues for escalation to executive management with proposed recommendations ...
Confirmé(e)    Ecole de commerce
seeking a challenging career opportunity in the field of banking & financial sector in an organization where i can contribute my experience in an environment of open communication, activity, vision ...
Confirmé(e)    Ecole d'ingénieur
to be elegant and sincere at my work and put in my best efforts to accomplish result and be a part of an ambitious team. willing to work on challenging ...
Confirmé(e)    Ecole spécialisée
to attain a core competency by pursuing a responsibility at a compatible position wherein i can earn respec,knowledge, wealth while making a positive contribution to the organization and its growth. ...
Junior    2ème cycle universitaire / Licence
what motivates me is constant progress, that i can do better than what i have done before. i want to excel and to be successful in my job, both for ...
Confirmé(e)    3ème cycle universitaire / Maîtrise
seeking challenging assignment commensurate with my knowledge and experience.
Confirmé(e)    3ème cycle universitaire / Maîtrise
to excel in pharma career which will enable me to work as a team member where i can enrich my skills and knowledge and contribute my service to the pharmaceutical ...
Confirmé(e)    Doctorat
an astute professional with over 10 years of experience in human resource, training and development.  associated with birla sunlife , modicare, bajaj allianz, as training manager  demonstrated abilities ...
Sénior    3ème cycle universitaire / Maîtrise
objectives: desire to join a fast paced growing firm that offers a constructive workplace to develop brand strategies, initiate strategic alliances, promote new products, and interact with new clients in ...
Confirmé(e)    3ème cycle universitaire / Maîtrise
to find a suitable position to meet my competencies, capabilities, skills, education and experience and contribute with my knowledge to the organizational growth as well my teams' development.


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