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Confirmé(e)    2ème cycle universitaire / Licence
over 10 years of experience, seeking a challenging career in a progressive organization, shoulder the responsibilities and to work to the organization’s satisfaction in the job assigned to, and grow ...
Sénior    2ème cycle universitaire / Licence
predictive maintenance of machines
Sénior    1er cycle universitaire
a highly motivated and ambitious individual able to give timely and accurate advice. i am seeking a operational level manager position, where i can expand on my experience in this ...
Sénior    2ème cycle universitaire / Licence
over four years of experience in plant engineering services in electrical power system, control & instrumentation for fmcg companies across the globe and strong communicator and team leader with a ...
Sénior    2ème cycle universitaire / Licence
to serve in the organization to grow organization as well as individual.
Sénior    3ème cycle universitaire / Maîtrise
 responsible of production, planning and manufacturing of control panels, wiring harness and electrical products using line production system.  troubleshooting the technical problem, panel wiring problem and solve the ...
Confirmé(e)    3ème cycle universitaire / Maîtrise
•nine years of operational and middle management experience, working as assistant manager for rbs business services private ltd •experienced in team management, document checking, negotiations, payments, sanction check for l/c ...
Sénior    Etudes supérieures professionnelles
i would like to join a company that focuses on safety and quality; where i can utilize my management, electrical, and mechanical skills. i want to learn new skills and ...
Confirmé(e)    3ème cycle universitaire / Maîtrise
to obtain a position as a industrial production engineer & expecting that the company would provide me a chance to showcase my talent that contributes to the growth of the ...
Confirmé(e)    Etudes supérieures professionnelles
i would to be associated with has its own sets of standard and which works continuously for new achievements with quality and customer satisfaction of the same time it ...
Junior    2ème cycle universitaire / Licence
my objectives are 1. to dedicate and pursue a techno-managerial line of career 2. to accept challenges and drive it through to get the results 3. make a meaningful impact ...
Confirmé(e)    2ème cycle universitaire / Licence
a challenging position that will enable enhancement/augmentation of nursing skills and medical knowledge; maximize capabilities as a staff nurse.
Junior    Ecole d'ingénieur
to work in an extremely challenging environment where i can fully utilize my theoretical skills, efficiency and responsibility, facilitating growth of the organization and to grow with it.
Confirmé(e)    Ecole d'ingénieur
objective: to strive for excellence and work hard to achieve challenging tasks. to apply my technical abilities efficiently in an organization.


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