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Easy-CV is a powerful and handy tool designed to help candidates / job seekers managing their resume, their online CV.

For free they can easily create, maintain and keep up to date a resume hosted online with a personal webaddress that is available for download in any needed format and any language used.

On september 2008 Easy-CV is available in 7 languages and have already created more than 300 000 online CV since its beginning.

With Easy-CV your resume is always ready to make you get new opportunity.

How is it made ?

This website is made with django which is a Python based framework. We use PostgreSQL database. Servers are powered by Gentoo and hosted in cooperation with our friends at Elginux. Web servers run a combinaison of Apache but most of the work is done by Nginx. High Availability is made possible by Linux High Availability project linux project and DRBD. Easy-CV Video is written in Microsoft. We used some FamFamFam icons, Glossy Flags by Ricky Romero, Crystal SVG and some of our templates were insparied by Erwin Aligam work. Geo datas are provided by GeoNames, we use a combinaison of Yahoo! and google maps to displays them. Analytics is also provided by google. Javascript is build around the famous ExtJS framework and the great Shadowbox. FLV player is license to LongTail. This page is highly inspired from pownce about page.

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