Offres d'emploi Enseignement et Formationhttp://www.easy-cv.comOffres d'emploi http://www.easy-cv.comfrFri, 23 Jan 2015 10:47:14 -0000COMMUNITY MANAGER (ENGLISH MOTHER TONGUE) (innovative training organism) has just launched a new platform which will enhance user experience and be web 2.0 compatible. Our students will be able to comment or debate in small groups or with one of our 7Speaking Experts - all in English! Once registered on the platform, users will choose TWO communities among a list of 18. These communities will be hosted by 7speaking experts, each a specialist in one of the jobs/sectors above. Our 7Speaking experts are people who are qualified in the relevant subject and can speak about these jobs or professions in perfect English. They have verifiable professional experience in their specialty area. From the above list, please tell 7Speaking which community you would like to host. Three tasks of 7SPEAKING's CM: 1. Moderate and correct: a. Moderate: Ban clients who are insulting, racist or abusive and call them to order. Delete all messages which are not in English. b. Correct: Correct what students say about a news lesson or material offered by our business or professional skills. Experts will also provide new resource material for their community from available sources - internal resources from the 7Speaking platform - or from external sources (see attached list). This will be done using a newsfeed. 2. Showcase the internal course material from our platform and get the debate going: write comments about newly-published news lessons and suggest them to the community members + add role play (updated every week – to begin, you have just to find 6 role plays and to re-use it, weeks after weeks). IMPORTANT: the Expert’s role is to bring his/her community to life and keep it going. This ability to host will be directly evaluated by the number of comments written by the members and the number of “likes” the expert receives. In the comments he/she posts, the 7Speaking expert will end with an open question to the community in order to stimulate answers and comments. 3. Bring the community to life by suggesting lessons, YouTube videos, or material from other sites than 7Speaking + add a situation/role play about the managed community (each week).Fri, 23 Jan 2015 10:47:14 -0000